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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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good looking white one

sorry dude. i would be so upset. best of luck to ya in the fixing process

Nice Car, Hope everything gets fixed for you.

Love the white!

im an asshole...lol

Yeah I saw my rating drop too...guess people dont like the ride..But thanks for headsup...I think i will get that CF Gas door now...

Hey bor what happened to your ride? I hope all is well. BTW, is the gas door a cover or replacment. The one on the site, shows its for lancer, but i see yours fits just fine? Let me know

Damn man that sux......Well good luck with the repairs. Your not gonna just get a new front bumper or a bodykit? Well check out my Evo. Peace

They were originally gold, but one was damaged in the accident, so I had to custom order a new one. There was another white one around Orlando with the same Racing Hart J8's in gold, so I sprayed them white to be different. I think I am going to have the white spokes anodized red with the polished lip. What do ya think? God bless fire fighters! Really appreciate all the work you guys do! Keep it up.

I know all about that! Im on evo #2. My friend was almost killed, but thanks to the well designed crash bars in the doors, we lived! Now I own a 2005 and a 45 caliber for the next idiot!!
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