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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
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City: Lome

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Thanks for the comment man......you got a nice evo yourself. The fitment on the trunk was superb VIS did a good job with it but it was a pain to get the two support rods off.

Nice evo bro.

thnx man i gave ya a 10... nice slotted rotors i was gunna get em. are they worth it?

i'll dust you haha...

im feelin that booster gauge! how much that cost u?

nice car (get sirus)lol

i am running when hi boost at 21 lbs. with vp fuel. HP got to be above 400 (i have to guess - no dyno available for AWD in my country)

Thanks for the vote. I love the white, wouldn't want any other color. Nine for a nine.

nice choice of performance parts dude! keep it up!

Nice start, Normally I don't like white cars but the Evo looks good in ANY color. Are you with EVO///GA?
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