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Car: bmw
Performance: 1
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Views: 2690
Score: 236 Points from 41 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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10 Last Member Comments

nice color and have fun playin with her


i like the 9! nice choice of color dude!

hey friend nice sweet ride if you want 400 hp goto www.amsperformance.com and start a plan for bigger turbo, and mods to reach your goal, look forward to seeing it after you reach your goal a 10 from me 2 u

gg is tight

can't wait to see it when you start modding it, i got mine jan 4, first mod done 2 weeks later. check mine out.

Just some advise for your new Evo. Change the oil at 1500 miles and then every 5000 after. Make sure you take it real easy on her during the break in period of at least 1500 miles. Have fun with her and be safe. Randy

congratulations!! very nice

brand smakin new, damn i love that color man. 10+ for sure. got any plans for it? check mine out and tell me what u think man...

nice car love it
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