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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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buddy, i need assistance with the number for set, gain and set gain for th boost control, i have huge spikes i need to tuned it again.

haha we have alike evos bro. NICE RIDE ;) we even have same gauges lol... IM looking to get a bigger front mount too, and ur gonna help me with problems I have when installing. later man. =)

well before I go back to school, I'm going to bring in in for a service, and get all the fluids changed, I'll look into buying and bringing my own, thanks man

the clutch as far as I know is the same from the factory, it works fine. i don't launch it and i try to take it easy on it, it doesnt slip at all so far. the transmission is also fine, evo's aren't the easiest cars to drive smoothly, as long as the fluids are changed on schedule and people are kind, they tend to last i do plan on having to replace the clutch eventually though

ya, those both look really sick. Im not sure what I want to do with mines yet...for now im just cruisin...just finished with break in :)

thanks for the comment man. You got a nice evo yourself...I wish they had a self-wash place here :(. You get a 10 ;)

my girl said the driver gets a 10+

Thanks for your comments, your car looks great. My rear bumper is factory standard.

nice ride looks good

nice car bro....got the buschur and magnaflow myself...sounds like a crotch rocket on steroids...i love it
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