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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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nice man

nice ride man, tasteful mods you got there...... more kudos from me

thanks man, I like your evo too it looks really nice under the hood

yeah thats my next thing is gauges and probably suspension.. i wanna go bigger turbo and intercooler.. but yeah i jut got my car dyno so im excited on what i got and what it put out...

i stripped it cause i like the total race feel more than comfort, and theres none of that for sure.. hah.. really it helps with the handling and clutch feel, it sets me way apart from everyone else too... if you think the interior is the only thing you should see my engine bay now, and *** i dont even have center caps for my rims haha.. thanks for the comment though and i love the cleanliness of your evo as well

nice car man. i like how u kept it a sleeper.

what gauge do u have on ur steering colum.. how much was all ur defi gauges..and which one do u ahve...

what gauge do u have on ur steering colum.. how much was all ur defi gauges..and which one do u ahve...

yeah..i have to keep this thing cool...which is not a problem right sense its kinda cold here and im running the "no front bumper" look. Oh, I got this one from Buschur racing. Its their race IC. MAX FLOW and COOLING!!! :o)

kewl...i got new pics uploaded...not as pretty as yours...but I will get there.. :o)
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