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Car: bmw
Performance: 1
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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10 Last Member Comments

Got to Love the White EVO's, Nice ride.

Nice dude, the body kit deff looks good...chrome rims would set it off man...keep it up

Best Proyect,the kit,infernal,hehehe,10 is a final note!!!

sick evo man looks badd a**

Do You live in Cyprus ? There i saw a insane Supra - it sounds like 1000 HP you know that thing?. Next time im there - we can go eat some halloumi..! Peace.

That body kit is great. your car looks cool!!!.

you can never go wrong w/ white on an EVO!!

body kit looks ***

hey well how do you like the exhuast.. cause a guy just commented that HKS rub on the drive shaft? and how loud is it? i am really looking for something not too loud i dont want to get bothered by the cops here since they are stupid..

10 of course
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