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Car: bmw
Performance: 1
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Views: 4231
Score: 76 Points from 11 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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10 Last Member Comments

Very Nice! I might have to 'borrow' some of your interior ideas!

Wow dude, your car is hotttt...the outside is deff hott but the interrior is wat set it off 4 me...good work man, i would say check mine out but after i seen urs it might b a better idea to not even lmao...but i had 2 give u that 10

real slick car man... looks bad a$$ .. 10

yo man. my evo is gonna look just like this im taking the wing of i like it alot. 10 all day

I love the front bumper skin. I have a different hood. 10 from me

nice ride man love the hood looks incredible.

Sorry dude the fenders all ready go traded. Sorry for not updating the posting. I did reply in the forum and have some other things and the wheels and tires still if intrested. i also added my email to avoid delays.

Hey its my CID . Red evo lambo Doors Account works nomore . . . The machanism cost 500 Dollars . I have to put them off, In my country this type of vertical Doors are forbidden by law. Thats life .

thanks bro. i guess some peeps like my style and some dont lol. you also have a sweet ride. keep up the good work =) i give you a +10.

Nice ride though! Im loving the C-west. I might plan to get that in the future. I give you a 10"