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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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great looking car.but to many shows evo's put them on a track .thats what there made for.

Only tips I can give ya for street class showing is to keep it clean clean clean. Polish and shine up everything under the hood and keep those brake calipers in check. I have had to clear coat mine twice cause the heat boils it off. Have fun and good luck!

nice ride..keep me posted on it.. Let me know how ya make out..

good looking evo.

I was going to go to that show also but I have to work! Let me know how it went! Peace, Mike

Yes, I got 3rd, still kinda pissed about that! I think the judges had there heads up there butts!

Yes I was at Carlisle!

nice car nice car

oeps u are a girl

nice EVO m8
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