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Car: bmw
Performance: 1
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Views: 3750
Score: 67 Points from 23 votes = 2

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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10 Last Member Comments

where the hell is the info on your ride and where are the pix's and what the hell is all the remarks about from above if there is no pix's and no info

what up buddy vot on my evo

Brutal ride man! the turbo manifold i have it is the latest from BORLA.

Dude you car is probably a monster on the ROAD.... I am actually sporting my Ralliarts, as the VOLK set is waiting in a replacment rim....

ALOHA! Land of pretty, and sexy women, plus home of my future wife FLO JALIN!!! (I can dream!) Oh yeah, and a THIS FLY ASS SILVER EVO!! Good job! It truly gets my vote!

hi what up buddy thank u i like evo it real nice a did u vote on my let me now ok will vote now on yours thank u

I like your Evo, especially the performance mods! Keep up the good work, dude! Greez from Europe...
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