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Gender: Male
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nice ride! goodluck on the streets.

alot of mods there........nicely done.

jajaja el lazaro representando al Speed Unit Crew!!! q bien dude, oye me dijeron q te quitastes q te paso de momento pq el carro estaba exagerao y de momento t quitastes algo paso jeje la jeva!!! esa es la q hay tipo cuidate God Bless

you to man. see ya when i got 12 :)

ok man i call ya if i got under 12 . swiss ricer .

your peformance whit a swiss license plate a they take your car in 48 houres . i know that .

350 hp .more isent possible in my country. here in my country the police got nothing to do so they check cars and the law say 20 % of stock power . i got 2 police checks @ week so ?i got parts enough 2 build a 600 hp evo but i can drive it 2 days. other question why do you buy a 4 x 4 for quarter mile ? ?enjoy it in costa rica .

Hey mate, what turbo are you using on your whip?


first off....hows that koyo radi. doin for you, was it worth it...and someone pulled the same horse with the same turbo on the same lbs of boost and ran an 11.8 so im hoping for that but im down in WV and the track is kind of far untill i get home to jersey
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