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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
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City: Lome

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Hey friend, I havent been on here for a while, But I do know a place you can find out where there is a tuner near you. goto amsperformance and ask for a ams tunner in your area and they will give you the info.... your ride is looking sweet.....take care, respects from: MYEVO8_U,,,

Hey friend, you said you are running 14"s i have had a gt30 r but they make 3 kinds i had the gt3076 able to make 480 to 540 horse pwr wich gt 30 r do you have? and do you have a engine management system? goto www.amsperformance.com and look under turbos and look at the gt 30r there thats the only place i but from they have the real shit you might have boughten a copy of the gt 30r, check out the site and get babk with me, cause the stock turbo will get you running 13.5's in the quarter, so something is diffentley wrong?

damn bro, only running 14's with a GT30?? that's worse than stock. get out there and practice. or go out and get tuned. i have a GT30 with all the fixins and run right around 12.0 on 93 oct, mid 11's on race gas. something don't seem right with yours if your getting 14's

Really nice evo man really nice!!!

hi m8 nice ride how is the Garrett GT30R think to put it on my evoTO

love the car. thinking of doing the kit for my evo9

BAD ASS dude, i like the kit, check mine out and tell me what u think, 10+ for that sick ride

Thanks for the comments bro. If you ever get down in Socal. give me a shout.

thank you for the comment, i am currently working on dressing it up under the hood, mostly carbon fiber accents.

nice, but I agree more photos. Got that clean look. Keep us up to date with the mods.
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