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Car: bmw
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Human
City: Lome

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10 Last Member Comments

Nice looking car m8...

I like the front end on the 7's

(or) Een zeer mooie auto.goede dag. ( i hope its right)

Thanks . i like your car 2. Nice Group pictures. Nice Time CID

Hey mate No problem feel free to email me..

nice ride! i love the VII i kinda wish mine looked more like it... stupid plastic grill piece... oh well +10!

No problem mate!, I hope I was helpful!!!

Hey there mate! you have a gt 30 r well the 3071 series, I would go with an garret Gt3076R they are known to make as much as 520 whp, AMS has them for around $4400 goto this link www.amspeformance.com and check it out! should get ya running the quarter in mid to high 11's with the other mods you have, but i would change the injectors to a min of 880 CC and i would recommend a aem engine management system! I was born in holland too. Have been in the states since i was 3,,can you tell my last name is Jetten!

hi man thanks for the rating! i will post the specs soon:) your evo7 is elegant bro! well maintained!

very nice 7!! congrats!!
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