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Gender: Male
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its not no X but vary nice evo bro

hey wassup i was doing my 0-60 today reving between 5000 to 7000rpm at 0mph.. i couldn't break 5.3 seconds. I have intake, downpipe, hks exhaust, intercooler piping for performance. Is it that my clutch is worn out? My car felt way faster and the turbo spooled up faster when it was STOCK i think. the 1st gear pull was faster too. do u kno wats wrong? thanks.

Love the car, keep it up!

lol dang...how much did you spend on your car for performance and looks? and i think my biggest problem is did u pay a mechanic to istall them for u at 100 dollars an hours ?!?! that's what i did to install my intake.. 500 dollars for intake//intercooler piping and 300 for installation cuz it took 3 hours =(. it must be hard to stay out of trouble with that much of a fast car.. i just got my license suspended for 30 days for going 65mph on a 25mph zone. good luck on completing ur car

You are tied for 1st in my book of favorite EVOs. You and 'Imbroke'...the blue one. Nice Shine. Make sure to stay away from those shady car wash establishments :)

Yeah that knob is nice... ;) About the meth. injection.... it uses a pressure switch, starts injecting @ a set level. The kit I use is progressive, so I have it set-up to start injecting meth. @ 10psi and max out at 25psi. It starts @ 10psi spraying meth. at a lower PSI, and then progressively increases to the pumps max at 25psi. Its a great kit. It has been installed on the car for over 30k miles now with no problems at all. 1 gal. lasts approximatley 3weeks to a month or more depending on how you drive it. I used my stock intercooler reseviour to hold the meth now, I did'nt want to put a tank in the car because of safety issues (I drive the car with my 6 month old son with me quite often)any other questions, just ask. Later man.

Nice man. Come check out mine. You have my vote.

F%#k dude.... Big props to T "Ped" Nolan for that shine!!! thats a sexy machine....
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